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Step inside a REAL™ log home and you'll find the natural beauty of wood warm and inviting, both casual and elegant at the same time, and so nice to come home to. Tour our Showcase Homes, each representing our broad flexibility of design and style.

Building a Log Home

Building a Log Home
We thought it was important to show a few things that go into building a log home. It's really quite simple, you just need basic construction knowledge and some good friends. Real Log Homes provides a very detailed construction manual for assembly and care of your log home.

We managed to have this home under roof within 2 weeks of erecting the first log.

Teton Model

Teton Model
Centennial Builders erected this model in August 2005. The floorplan can be found on the Real Log Homes website as the Teton. It is expected to be a complete dried in shell by mid September. The home will be for sale at that point. It is located in Centennial, WY. Hiking, fishing,camping, skiing, snowmobiling and many other outdoor activities are nearby. It is about 27 miles from Laramie, easy commute to the University of Wyoming and other Laramie industries. If you are interested in this home, please contact us today.


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